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The Writer's Guild: aspiring authors' workshop

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LOVE LETTER TO LONDON (Spoken Word Poetry) / England Travel Video [10 Feb 2018|09:17pm]


LOVE LETTER TO LONDON (Spoken Word Poetry) / England Travel Video (x)
➡️ https://youtu.be/4KXMIA4DjS4
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Seizure [14 Feb 2017|10:50pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I have a friend. I've known him for  a long time, since I could remember really. It's been so long that I can't remember when our relationship started.. Maybe it was before I was born. We grew up together, you see, I've seen him change so many times into the entity he is today. I can't imagine life without him.


This friend is warm, he holds me tightly and suffocates me in his embrace. Squeezing me tighter as time goes by, not wanting to let me go. His love for me smothers me until I can no longer think. Enveloping my mouth with lust for me, my mind goes blank. He draws me into a deep sleep with him. Everything is dark, inviting and comfortable. I am not afraid. That is how our relationship is. It hurts a little but, not enough to complain. I hold it in. I hold him in.

My family and friends say a relationship like ours is a dangerous one that should end immediately. They fear for me, they want him to stop. They try frantically to find ways to separate us. They wished I'd take it more seriously and honestly, I have. I've tried to stop him from going too far. I've placed barriers and I've even tried avoiding him. But, that seems to anger him. His touch becomes slightly dangerous. My cheeks swell. I have bit my own tongue. This is the first time I've felt this feeling, I am afraid. I don't want to make him mad, I don't know if I can bear it.

As if to concrete himself in my mind, he visits more frequently. Every night now. "I shall never forget you so do not forget me", he wants to say. "I can never forget you or your touch", my heart cries out in reply as it squeezes in pain. I try to clutch my heart with my hand but his embrace tightens. It hurts! I do not scream out. Tears roll down my face. My mind goes blank. When I awaken he is gone. I feel the fatigue and aching of my body from our previous time together. Am I getting too old for this? Things might be getting too dangerous. He has become stronger, I'm not sure if I can fight him.

He used to creep into my room late at night, I would spend the night in his embrace. But now he comes for me even during the day. He wishes for me to sleep with him in broad daylight, with everybody looking. Even following me to school. How embarrassing! THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND. I fear.

I know it will happen tonight. My sister stays up with me through the night, we will not go to sleep, we can not allow him to enter tonight. But, she is tired. "It's ok, no matter what we do he will come. We might as well embrace this fact." That's what I said but I have a plan, I plan to fight with my whole life. I am tired and he has arrived. I run to my father but his embrace is strong. "Sssshhhh", he holds his hand around my mouth and engulf me into his massive body, slowly drawing me in. I cannot speak. Deeper into the embrace, so inviting, I fear I might not be able to turn back. He has become so large. I feel my mind slipping. I jump, from the top of the stairs. Lets die together then. The lights in my head go out. I feel...nothing?

I awake in the hospital. I am alone. He does not come back after that. I fear, I am relieved. I fear, I am relieved too soon. I feel anxiety. Where are you. I fear that unknown.


It hasn't always been that way. When we were young, he was only a nuisance dancing in front of me, causing distractions while I tried to take in the scenery of my new life. That is all he was. As time went on he became restless with the school bound me. When the attention he sought was not given, he would play pranks on me, making my hands shake uncontrollably. "First the left hand, now the right hand. Lets have them both shake together." He threatened to cause a scene in front of my new friends. I was embarrassed. He was so mean. I told my parents on him. They took us home so that they could deal with him in private. Only him, my father, could get him to stop. Daddy would calm me with meditation and song. Pining for my attention, he poke at my head. "Look at me", he said but I looked at daddy instead, using him as a drug.

Daddy was late from work. I was tired from the long day of helping out around the house and waiting for my drug. I sat down and closed my eyes only to see him, my friend, in my dream. Walking towards me with in this thick darkness, it is only he that I could make out. He has changed. So warm. I did not try to turn away. Why is this so inviting. I walked towards him as his large adult sized hands embraced my fresh adolescence face. He must have also reached puberty this summer. He have grown so much. With my thoughts on him, I go deeper into his embrace. I do not want to let go. This new sensation caught me off guard. I am not sure that we are suppose to be doing this. I try to back out but, he does not let go and I slowly find I do not mind. His face cover my lips and steal my breath away. I would not mind if this dream never end, I thought, but it is getting hard to breathe. I can not think straight...Mama!

After that we would embrace more and more. Once a week, every other night, we slowly closed the gab in time. Every night he would visit me. I was exhausted every morning. My family had become exhausted too. They worried for my health. I still could not tell my friends. But, it happened one day that he was too impatient and snuck up on me while I was walking down the stairs at school. My crush caught me, I was embarrassed beyond belief. My secret was out. He decided to use that opportunity to embrace me more often. Middle-schoolers can be so cruel.

This is how we ended up here now.


It has been years. I get used to being alone. I start to forget his warm embrace but I never forget the time we spent together. It seems you also have not forgotten. either. Who knew a simple dental procedure such as removing wisdom teeth could make him come running. He is loyal.

He appears smaller much like when I found out about his existence. Acting as if he is just learning how we be friends. "It is OK, we can take things slowly. Just promise me that this time you will not hurt me, again." He does not lie, it will sting a bit. I can bear it.

His touch is more gentle. Or is it weaker. I might have grown stronger. That is what I say. In reality I know you are the same, I feel it but I make excuses so that you appear different in front of others. He is as aggressive as ever, maybe even more. I am impressed.  He leaves me in a cold sweat. We fight throughout the night this way. I will not give in.

I do not want to fear you. I want to be strong. I want to be stronger. I want to be the strong one. I want you to know that I control this relationship now, Seizure.

I will not fall asleep tonight.

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[14 Jan 2016|09:15pm]

Hi all, I'm a new-ish LJer looking to get some critical feedback on my work in general. I haven't posted to any groups previous to tonight and I don't yet have any friends, so anyone who wants to introduce themselves is welcome. I write fantasy fiction, at least at the moment, and much of my writing is posted to my journal in reverse chronological order. If you like my work, or if you don't and want to explain why, please leave comments here and/or on my LJ. I need critiques as I'm about to redraft my first novel and would be happy to repay the favour to anyone who wants an in-depth study of their own work. Here is an excerpt of my book:

The Winter King sat on a mound of grass in his forest, a great weight on his weathered brow. The long branches of his favourite oak tree stretched their shade over him providing a respite from the glaring sun and yet at core he felt cold. Ritual chanting filtered thinly along the wind over the rippling water of sacred pools and through the whispering leaves from the palace some distance away where he spent his time in the cold seasons, for the rain and the frost touched him deeper now than they had in his youth. Of late he had been wandering the glades and thickets of his home in search of something though he did not yet know what it was or what form it would take when he found it. His god was a strange thing, dark and bloody and protean, elemental and yet subtle in his ways. He must know that he was being sought and chose not to unveil himself yet.
Chapter Eleven - The Winter KingCollapse )
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My story [08 Jan 2016|11:12pm]

I am new to livejournal and I want to post a link to my novel in progress on WriteOn by kindle!

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Low Man on the Totem Pole [31 Aug 2015|09:32pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello, fellow writers.  I am looking for some friends and colleagues who would be willing to promote my LJ page and my work.  I would love to do the same for you as well.  I write a large array of fiction, including fantasy, sci-fi, tall tales, children's stories, literary fiction and adult fiction, just to name a few.  If you check my LJ page, you can see that I already posted a children's tall tale/short story, as well as the first chapter of a novel I am writing, Lost in the Tool Shed.

Lost in the Tool Shed is a literary fiction story that is about a young man who is growing up geek.  His name is Peter Rabbia and he feels that he has a lot going against him.  He is not too good with the ladies, he is "husky" and he loves playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and hanging out at the beach.  A recent college graduate, Peter is facing a week ahead of him that may very well be life changing; for good or bad.  His entire life has been based on him pleasing those around him and doing what was expected of him.  However, maybe now is the time for him to take a stand and carve out his own adventure.

I also have a Facebook page that I just started and would love for you to visit:


Add me as a friend and, if you like my work, please promote it.  I will certainly do the same.  Please ask me any questions you might have.


James D'Arienzo

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Puzzle Piece [06 Mar 2015|04:32pm]

His childhood was plagued by lies
But you'd rewrite history so you can sleep tight
A tortured soul, yet he survived
See how tall he stands looking you in the eye
The puzzle piece you made him wear
Through blood and tear, you’d say it fits fine
Even scarlet letters die when you decide
That labels are for petty people

But you find comfort in giving him false names
Go on boy and wear this source of shame
You told him without his name he’d die
Watch him as he breaks the piece to fly
Freedom, truth, is freedom
Freedom, truth, is freedom
Oh how good it feels to stand alone now

The memories you justify
All the times you told him he was dumb and different
A prison in an open mind
Until he’d find that he was never wearing the chains
The puzzle crumbles through your fists
As he persists to climb into the greater glory
Can you admit the experts lied or will you abide
By your lack of understanding

But you find comfort in giving him false names
Like many who wore this source of shame
He learned to resist and to defy
When he saw his limit past the sky

Freedom, truth, is freedom
Freedom, truth, is freedom
Kill the puzzle, see the picture

Freedom, truth, is freedom
Freedom, truth, is freedom
Kill the puzzle, see the human
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[06 Mar 2015|12:40pm]
Elisha Cuthbert: ♥ Household cleaning the washing machine tour, ladyidiy chores.
wigsratings March 5, 2015

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I’m “Ladyidiy”. I only speak for myself!
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[04 Mar 2015|10:45am]
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[28 Feb 2015|06:00pm]
Holly Holm: ♥ Men pretended to be unfaithful girlfriend angered, you are the aliens?
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Writing Dump [28 Feb 2015|03:15am]

Title: Buddy, member of the Superior Race (a.k.a. Cats)
Genre: Humor, Slice of Life
Rating: G
A/N: From my cat's perspective.
Summary: A scene from the life of a cat.

Title: Fish
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Rating: G
A/N: Takes place in my original fantasy universe (that's currently untitled), a childhood scene of the two main characters, siblings Welyn and Raewyn Lyons.
Summary: Welyn, a small five year old boy, stood in the stream’s shallow, up to his knees.

Title: Enough
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Takes place in the same universe as Fish, with the same siblings, all grown up and in some serious trouble.
Summary: She had gone too far.
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Can anyone help with writing genderswap fiction? [03 Nov 2014|11:46pm]

I'm thinking of writing a story where famous tv sons get turned into girls - Andy of Family Ties into Adrienne and Ritchie Petrie of the Dick Van Dyke Show into Rachel. Is it worth pursuing?

As i see it, my options are these:

1. Reimagine the series with a daughter instead of a son right from the beginning, no transformations involved.

2. Write it as several unrelated stories, each one taking place as an episode/arc in the series, where a transformation happens as an event in the series. Some series might be crossdressing/TV/realistic TG, others might be magic/sci-fi.

3. Write it as a "shared universe" where all the stories take place, and the characters of different series know/meet each other, and for some reason sons are turning into daughters (either realistic or magical/SF)

4. Write it from the POV of the public/TV execs: Suddenly reruns of old series become... different. Somehow, the tapes of these old series were altered -- seamlessly -- so the sons are now daughters. It's a big mystery: doing it as CGI would cost hundreds of millions and take years of work, so it's far more than a prank. But what is it? Magic? Aliens?

5. Write it as a period piece: the *actors* that plays those sons suddenly and unexplainedly get transformed into girls. How is fifties/sixties society going to handle it? Will the TV execs try covering it up by recasting the roles or just cancelling the series? They might if it's just one or two, but if every damn series on air is affected...
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Not Sure How To Start [21 Oct 2014|03:52pm]

Hi everyone! I have an idea I kind of wanted to toss around. If you have any feedback, or ideas and opinions, I'll graciously accept them.

I've always been a geeky guy, even when I was little, so naturally I'm almost exclusively drawn to works of fiction. Worlds of unbelievable possibilities, where the laws of reality of bent solely for the sake of adventure, or to stir an emotion within people. I've never had the motivation, or raw talent to complete my own works of fiction; my own worlds.

Though I'm always willing to try. Let's see if I can write this out without feeling like the idea is ridiculous.

So I have an idea caught in my head now that gives me that urge to try and express it into text. It's a gritty superheroes vs. villains setting, but I want the characters to be realistic, or relatable. Flawed human beings who also happen to meta-human. I want to address the battles and corruption we all have within ourselves, but within these superior individuals who are seen by the normal population to be almost alien, or divine. The thought of the strain of being held to such impossible standards, and the effects it has on an individual's psyche and personality as they strive to defend their convictions, whether they be the "villain" or the "hero".

I want the villain the show what happens all of those stresses culminate and break us. A man or woman whose ideals may have once been noble, but the anger and corruption that has plagued them has driven them down a path of violence, and self-destruction to obtain a reality they see as ideal.

Any thoughts, or input for me here? I'm mostly stuck on character development, since this idea has never really been worked on before; things such as the meta-human's abilities, or the ultimate exterior conflict they face. I have one of the "heroes" vaguely formed as a man who can alter the reality we perceive in the form of visual and auditory hallucinations. That character is vital to the direction I want to take this story, and I can explain more on that if you wish, but I can't go anywhere with it until this block on character development starts to fade! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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[19 Oct 2014|12:19pm]

Hello fellow writers!  I just completed my first book ever!  It's an 82,000 word memoir about my strained relationship with my husband.  This is my query letter that I'm sending out to agents.  Would love to know if this would capture your interest in my book!  Thank you so much!


My memoir centers on myself as a 26 year old girl living on my own in Chicago, when I met Marcel, the self-assured, good-looking German who, after I asked him an innocent question about his past, triggered within me a jealousy so intense that it unearthed a side of me that was so evil, deep and raw, it shattered my identity and relationship almost entirely.

I describe in my book an emotion that afflicts most of our population at one time or another to some extent: Jealousy.  I had never known my capacity for behaving so insanely until I witnessed myself battling with Marcel and myself for over ten months.  Out of these verbal warzones, I manifested severe rheumatoid arthritis, plummeting further down the abyss of emotional darkness as my physical body changed right before my eyes.  The novel explores the deep relationship we have with our minds and bodies as the arthritis seemed to be commensurate with the ebb and flow of the rage I felt toward Marcel and myself, all because of one silly little question I asked on our first date.  Although I usually lost the battle with jealousy, it did not stop me from trying to fight my way back to Marcel and myself, and I never lost hope in finding a better self than when I started.  

This narrative is an intense magnification of internal thoughts and emotions that many people experience but cannot express.  It centers on the theme of self-awareness and discovery.  It is the first in a series of two books, but it can also stand alone.  My book has the simplicity, humor and depth that is found in Liane Moriarty’s novels like, “The Husband’s Secret.”  The style of writing can be compared to “Eat, Pray, Love” in that the main character explores herself through deep self-analysis.

Thank you so much for your consideration in my novel.   I am happy to send the completed work your way.
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“Dangerous” trailer released - view here! [07 Sep 2014|02:40pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Discover the romantic and suspenseful world of DANGEROUS via this newly released book trailer - and (coincidence?) the eBook in on sale for just 99¢ Sept. 7-13 at Amazon!

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Novel: When We Was A Child [30 Aug 2014|05:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi everyone!

First off, I'm available as a beta reader for your novels. I love reading and give very thorough reviews on plot, dialogue, pace etc.

I'm writing a novel and self-publishing it through CreateSpace on my birthday, November 5th, 2014. It's my 25th birthday and it is symbolic with the world I'm creating. I am looking for your philosophies, beta readers, and an illustrator for the cover. I will mention names in the acknowledgements section.


In a world where an egg is conceived, split four times, and those four humans become copies of the first, many perspectives emerge.

"Do you know what it's like to exist only in your own reality? Well, it hurts, a lot. I've never taken a breath, or made a choice. Someone else, my President, does all of it for me. I guess that's what I deserve for being late to conception. Ha, that's a joke. At least... I wish it was. Six sidereal years to go, and I'll be Dropping Age. I'll be in control."

- Me.Name (TBD)

"A four-way mirror follows me wherever I go, because I am the first. These tiny bumps behind my ears prove it. Four faces scrunch in pain, my face, I mean, scrunches, and reminds me of every mistake. If I, if I damage them they won't find themselves, and it'll be all my fault! There's so many choices, I don't know what to do. I don't want the responsibility, for them, Matri and Patri, for myself. I don't want the power." It's quiet. Even in my dreams, where they stare at me, accusing. "How can I teach you to be human with only fifth of a soul?" Their eyes are large, their backs stooped, they, I, am scared. "Please answer me."

- President Prodida

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Nameless. [04 May 2014|08:13pm]

I've been working on a book called Nameless. It's about a girl named Rain who tragically looses her mother when she turns 17. She tries to cope but because she is unable to she turns to all the wrong things to help her. After some property damage she meets a woman named Miss Maddie who immediately is consumed with compassion for the young woman. She begins meeting with her and trying to teach her how to cope in a world that is hardly favorable.
This is just a piece I took from the editing and I wanted to know if it flows well. If anyone has any advice for me.. I've been writing a long time but this is my first book I've worked on. I would love some intake! Thanks. -Ashley

"Rain knew every moment that she sat by Miss Maddie's bed might be the last time she sat with her. All of the wisdom she clung to from that weary woman seemed to be in the past, pulling farther from her.

"How could you do this to me?" Rain whispered as she clung to the soft, lifeless hand.

"How could you not tell me?" Tears started to stream down her face. She wiped them away pulling her hand back. The hope that Miss Maddie would awake and turn to her sharing some inspirational lesson held on to Rain. She lost hope once but she swore to never let hopelessness drag her back into her dark hole. The very place Miss Maddie spent all those months helping her dig herself out of."
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Urban fantasy set in Bradford, West Yorkshire, about psychics and werewolves. [25 Apr 2014|01:50pm]

Okay, this is the first 400 words or so of what I've got for my first chapter, and I wondered if anybody would like to give their opinion on whether the start is engaging enough to make them want to read more.

Placing my hands on the picture frame I closed my eyes and tried to look into its past. Something that would have been a lot easier, I thought irritably, if the valuer from the auction house wasn't standing far too close to me and if he weren't wearing the stinkiest aftershave ever.Collapse )
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Chapter 1: The Captive Cook [21 Nov 2013|12:24pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new to livejournal and will attempt to post chapters of my new story here. If you have any feedback to offer that would be great and very much appreciated. This will be a YA fiction with plots of political intrigue. Thank you!

Amy J Mars

The Captive Cook: Chapter 1Collapse )
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Greeting, introduction, and Kickstarters. If this isn't allowed, I apologize and will remove it. [13 May 2013|07:33am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


My name is Jami Grey, and I'm a novel writer. I have a fancy BA in English Lit., which means absolutely nothing but that I am a huge nerd for books. But some books didn't come out the way I wanted them to. Harry Potter, I'm looking at you! Stephan King, you are also on my target list. Jim Butcher...just write faster!

The link above leads to my kickstarter project, a novel. If you visit the site, you'll get a sample of where it's going to go.
I've supported some kickstarters here and there, mostly gaming, since it is my other main interest next to reading and crafting.

I'm looking for ways to support my novel writing habit. Right at the moment, the money is earmarked for publication and promotion.  I'm looking to find the right way and place to get the best response to my kickstarter.  Can anyone lend me a hand?
I hope I have not come across as crass, as I truly do need someone to help navigate the minefield with me.

Jami Grey

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Bygones [04 May 2013|08:28pm]

Summary: "Hours of work were now resting in a black plastic bag. How many more would join them? She had no time to dwell on such questions, though. Wax was scraped from the tablecloth with a fancy butter knife that wasn't serving its intended purpose. Like so many other things that were permanently damaged, the tablecloth was folded and put away. Would he already be asleep?"

Word Count: 1,875

Rating: PG-13

BygonesCollapse )
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