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Greeting, introduction, and Kickstarters. If this isn't allowed, I apologize and will remove it.

My name is Jami Grey, and I'm a novel writer. I have a fancy BA in English Lit., which means absolutely nothing but that I am a huge nerd for books. But some books didn't come out the way I wanted them to. Harry Potter, I'm looking at you! Stephan King, you are also on my target list. Jim Butcher...just write faster!

The link above leads to my kickstarter project, a novel. If you visit the site, you'll get a sample of where it's going to go.
I've supported some kickstarters here and there, mostly gaming, since it is my other main interest next to reading and crafting.

I'm looking for ways to support my novel writing habit. Right at the moment, the money is earmarked for publication and promotion.  I'm looking to find the right way and place to get the best response to my kickstarter.  Can anyone lend me a hand?
I hope I have not come across as crass, as I truly do need someone to help navigate the minefield with me.

Jami Grey
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