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Novel: When We Was A Child

Hi everyone!

First off, I'm available as a beta reader for your novels. I love reading and give very thorough reviews on plot, dialogue, pace etc.

I'm writing a novel and self-publishing it through CreateSpace on my birthday, November 5th, 2014. It's my 25th birthday and it is symbolic with the world I'm creating. I am looking for your philosophies, beta readers, and an illustrator for the cover. I will mention names in the acknowledgements section.


In a world where an egg is conceived, split four times, and those four humans become copies of the first, many perspectives emerge.

"Do you know what it's like to exist only in your own reality? Well, it hurts, a lot. I've never taken a breath, or made a choice. Someone else, my President, does all of it for me. I guess that's what I deserve for being late to conception. Ha, that's a joke. At least... I wish it was. Six sidereal years to go, and I'll be Dropping Age. I'll be in control."

- Me.Name (TBD)

"A four-way mirror follows me wherever I go, because I am the first. These tiny bumps behind my ears prove it. Four faces scrunch in pain, my face, I mean, scrunches, and reminds me of every mistake. If I, if I damage them they won't find themselves, and it'll be all my fault! There's so many choices, I don't know what to do. I don't want the responsibility, for them, Matri and Patri, for myself. I don't want the power." It's quiet. Even in my dreams, where they stare at me, accusing. "How can I teach you to be human with only fifth of a soul?" Their eyes are large, their backs stooped, they, I, am scared. "Please answer me."

- President Prodida
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