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writers_guild's Journal

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The Writer's Guild: aspiring authors' workshop
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Please read before joining or posting to this community

writers_guild is a community dedicated to providing writers of all experiences and abilities a forum where they can give or receive highly detailed, honest feedback in the manner of a traditional writer's group. In posting here, you should be prepared for honesty and thoroughness; please be mindful that, though in some cases a critique may seem harsh, it is being delivered with the intention of improving your writing. The members of the community are taking their time to help you with your writing, please respond courteously!

We accept all kinds of writing: prose and poetry, high literature and fanfiction, plays and pornography, it's all welcome! To better encourage the free exchange of ideas, we try to keep rules to a minimum. That said, we do have a few requirements we expect from everybody:

*ALL ENTRIES LONGER THAN 50 LINES OF POETRY OR 500 WORDS OF PROSE MUST BE PLACED ENTIRELY OR IN PART BEHIND A CUT TAG. If you are unsure how to make a cut, please see this post in the LJ FAQ section.

*Please leave constructive criticism or further a post's discussion only. This means no flames

*Even if a commenter starts flaming, DO NOT DELETE THE COMMENT

*Entries are not allowed to have screened comments or be locked

As noted, this community is dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. Deleting comments or posts is, in effect, anathema to this principle. There are very few ways to be banned from writers_guild, engaging in flaming and deletion of comments are the big ones. If you need to contact a moderator to voice a question, concern, or complaint, please leave a comment at this post.

Finally, we ask that all pieces either contain a piece of original writing or a question about writing addressed to the entire community. If a post may be better suited for your personal journal please put it there. This does include introduction posts as we feel that the best introduction is with a piece of writing or a detailed critique.

Come with your writing, whatever it may be, and you will be rewarded with some very detailed critiques!

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Ode to the Writer's Guild

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